Monday, April 20, 2009


One day I decided to try some cat anime, I had already done human anime and I wanted to try something different. This picture is actually for a short story I'm writing, those are the bad guys or enemies.

This was the second anime picture I did, I think it looks a bit like the enchanter person from Spirited Away (an anime movie) just younger.
I think that has something to do with her head being to big!
This is my third picture, I call it the fruit salad queen because of the funky hat shes wearing.
Also her hair looks a bit like bananas.

This is the first one I did and I think the best even if her eyes aren't as detailed.
One thing about anime is that you have to do lots of shines and shadows to make it look good and that can be hard.
Anime comics are called manga and Sage got some books out that were like that.
So far I've quite enjoyed manga.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cat House On The Kings

Cat house on the kings is a place where homeless cats go to get adopted. Their are seven hundred to nine hundred cats i this hole area and they just roam free. Theres a wall around her twelve acres that the cats can't climb. Her hole house is devoted to cats, there are so many cats in the kitchen and living area all though the bathroom is not aloud any cats. We are volunteers so we can amuse the cats and scoop their poop. People can also donate to her shelter and that's the only reason she has enough food for the cats.

I made the cats do exercise if they wanted attention by climbing the tree and telling them to climb it to and i was pretty successful. If Melio liked more attention i could have done it with him but he isn't a super attention loving cat.
This is the cat house on the kings. When we first came in we were astounded by all the sweetie pies so you will see we are pointing at all the cats we see. Several cats we saw several times and the black cat on my lap was determined to be the only one that got attention.

Sage began to pull a stick and quite a few cats liked it. In the photo it looks like sage is being chased by cats in an action movie. Mum says the middle one looks like a wild cat the way it's running.

The white kitten on my lap and darker tabby seem to be every where. All the cats at the cat house seem to be very friendly and sweet.

This cat looks very interesting and has brilliant manners. He was lying down and when i came up to him he went in that position so that i could see his beautiful body. Than he walked of when i was done and then lay down somewhere else as if giving me the sleeping area.

This is the kitten room full of playful, friendly, wriggly, cute kittens. They had lots of toys and loved to come in your arms.
Melio would have hated it.

The cat collage is of friendly close up cats we saw.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our local farmers market

The farmers market is open on Wednesday and Saturday. We are trying to go once a week and this is the second trip we took since we've been back.
This is one of the farmers at the back of the market. In the
summer he sells yellow cherry tomatoes, long twisty cucumbers and purple beans.

Right now they are selling different colored carrots, big spinach looking things and maybe potatoes.
They are all organic, but some of the other farmers do low spray. He was always in the same place from now to before we were in Scotland.

The sprouts look very good but we only get the bean mix from that table. You can't see the bean mix in this picture but it's there. In the mix there is chick pees, brown things, pink things and green things. We always get a dollars worth.
This is fresh honey and right now we have the honey that looks bumpy and is not the bear one, I don't now if it's in that picture. They sit at the entrance to the market and only sell honey with lots of bear and bee things every where.
Some people sell flowers or sometimes even paintings of flowers.
We haven't ever gotten any flowers or paintings but i think that they will get plenty. The paintings were water color ones and are always flowers in vases, i saw the woman who sells them painting them.
The person holding the bag with trees on it is mum. I think she's buying something but i don't know what. The person that runs this stall says that we are welcome to visit her farm which is cool.Look at all those greens!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Being Back

We have now been back in Fresno for about three or four weeks and are getting back into our daily or weekly routines. Some things we have been doing are homeschooling every morning of the week, playing tennis, bike riding and skateboarding. We haven't done any of those activities all the time that we've been in Scotland.

We are having drama classes every Thursday, and at the end of the semester we will be putting on a small performance of Peter Pan, which we just auditioned for. I don't now who I am yet, the teacher will make the final decision.

I am very wobbly on the skate board but getting back in the habit of skid stops, side surfers and skip sides. I haven't really lost my bike talents, I can still ride with both hands in the sky but not for as long as before.

We went camping recently with the people who are living in our old house , one of them is a student of dad's. I heaved huge sticks about and with a little of dad's and Sage's help built a bark and log fort. We found a star fish, looked for crabs and got chased by the great god of the beach for stealing gold.

About a week or so ago I fell in the pool. I don't know how but I did. I was just looking at a spider and all of a sudden I realized I was in the pool. it wasn't cold and I didn't go under because I was in the shallow end.

One of the best things about being back is seeing our cats dolphin and Melio again. Dolphin is still the best cat that we could have picked and totally remembers us and is taking up his usual habits of suckling on my poncho and playing with the rug. He is a sweet, soft, playful, handsome, cute, alert, fit and adventurous cat. Melio is certainly fatter than when we left him so we are putting him on a diet. Melio is very cute, a bit whiny, quite needy and lazy. He also makes the funniest expressions, with his ears back and his eyes wide and glaring. I wrote this poem about cats we saw on trips to the library:

Cats We Saw On The Way To The Library

On the way to the library we saw several cats,
Out of these three wonders the first one that met my eye was a pure white cat with fur so flat and a twinkle in it's eye,
Out of these three wonders the second ones that stole my stare were two tabby cats with tails flapping like bats licking each other like mermaids on the sidewalk,
Out of these three wonders the third kitten i saw was a tiny cat who sat on my lap and dug his head in my arm.

I am sorry I didn't post any thing about Scotland

Thursday, January 29, 2009

older art

white cat on black

detective cat

lion love

tigers and the spider webbed sun

Edinburgh shop

black cat on white

bids on branch number 5663

cats of the kingdom

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


They swoop around with feathered chests and large spread wings,
Beaks, sharp and long or curved,
Wings, used to fly high above the tree tops,
Birds of prey, with large hooked talons and strong stout tail feathers,
Sea birds dive for pray,
Eagles rule the land,
Robins and sparrows nest in neighboring trees,
Feathers, Wings, Beaks,talons.
They're all a part of birds.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sneaky figures in the night,
Tails swishing in the moon light,
Eyes shining ever so bright.

They fight with swipes of their paws,
Staying low and using claws,
and always braking laws.

Their meow is like a song,
Their whiskers are so long,
And their stride is so very strong.